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Im finally DONE!!!! I received my certificate in Medical Billing/Coding today. Not to be confused with certification this is just a certificate. I feel so accomplished. Since high school I have not completed anything acemdemicly. It feels good. I feel empowered to do bigger and better things. Lets see if the feeling can take over. YAY ME!!!!

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Ahhhh Summer is almost over. Its been a fun one with a little over a month to go. I feel like I haven't been swimming nearly as much as I should. My mom has a huge in ground pool for god sake and I've only been there 3 times!!!! Im almost done school. This is the last week. How exciting! Maybe I will be a medical biller sooner then we all think. I need to network. Get my name out there. I did fairly well in the course I think I will get an A. Not that the grade matters its just a certificate. My cousins are on vacation these next 2 weeks. I miss going down the shore for 2 weeks during the summer. I guess its the price you have to pay as a "grown up".

We went crabbing a couple weeks ago. Got lotsa CRABS. We are planning to go again. August should be the bussiest summer month. Bachelorette parties, weddings, beach, birthdays. I love the heat.


So liz got this shirt from Hustler in CA. But it would never fit her or me so we decided to make in dogg shirt for elv.

Here is is wearing it.


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::x: Time = 1:33pm
:x: Name = Jessica
:x: Tattoos = 2 on back one on foot
:x Piercings = nipple tragus rook industrial cartlige Plugs!!!
:x: Height = 5'8"
:x: Shoe size = 9
:x: Hair color = ditry dish water blonde
:x: Eye color = blue
:x: Siblings = Tom 21 Laurie 17 (step) Teagan 2
:x: Status = inloved

:x: Movie you rented = Holy Smoke
:x: Movie you last bought = Saved
:x: CD you bought/burned = Work mixed cd to keep me pumped throuhg out the day
:x: T.V. show you've watched =Inervention
:x: Thing you bought = Nail Polish and GUM

Do you:
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else? = No I just wish everyone else lived closer to me
:x: you have a crush on someone? = It was just a little crush. Your a crush come true
:x: Others find you attractive = Hell ya
:x: you want more piercings = no
:x: you like cleaning = I do like to clean even though I bitch about it
:x: you like roller coasters = negative
:x: You write cursive or print = print
:x: Long distance relationship? =yes
:x: Driving drunk = NEVER ITS BAD
:x: Ever cried over a girl = hahahahaha you can call her that
:x: Ever cried over a boy = No never
:x: Ever been lied to = yes everyone lies its human nature
:x: Ever been arrested = YEA!!!

:x: Shampoo do you use =Tresumme
:x: are you scared of = never meeting my full pontential

:x: Of hearts I have broken? 1
:x: Of people I could trust with my life? alot i guess if i count 16.
:x: Of scars on my body? jesus scars
:x: Of things in my past that I regret? "I dont not regert the things ive done only those i did not do"
:x: Funny = ummm prety much
:x: Loveable = definatly
:x: Caring = yup
:x: Dorky = I live for it

:x: 6 letter word = ambien
:x: Color(s) = Orange Blue

Person who last:
:x: Saw you cry = Liz
:x: Yelled at you = Liz
:x: Sent you an email = Someone fro the corporate word

Have you ever:
:x: Said "I love you" = yes
:x: Cried during a movie = yeah like every movie
:x: Planned your week by tv guide = every week
:x: What time is it now? = 1143pm
:x: Walmart or target? = Target
:x: Spring or Fall? = Spring
:x: What are you gonna do after you finish this? Post some pictures of my doggins on live journal

:x: Noise you heard? = liz voice
:x: Smell you sniffed? = Dog farts or liz was that you?
:x: Time you went out of state? = couple months ago to Washington DC
:x: Do you believe in love at first sight? = no
: Do you want children one day & if so, how many? yea 2 boys and one girl in that order
Most important thing to you in a friendship is? FUN

Other Info:
:x: Criminal record? = none
:x: Last book you read = Kabbalh
old do you look? = 25
or 7
: Pets = Evlis Whitney (boston terries) chester and p kitty ( cats) mama big boy andre3000 (rats)
:x: What makes you happy? =When liz is here to great me. When teagan runs to me and Screams JESSIE with her arms wide open

Have You Ever:
:x: Thought you were going to die = no
:x: Wanted to Run away = no
:x: Flunked a grade = no
:x: Ran away =no
:x: Skipped a grade = no
:x: Been in jail = no
:x: Contacted the police = yes
:x: Been in love = yes
:x: Been suspended = after school suspension
:x: Stolen Anything = yes
:x: Cheated On A Test = no
:x: Been In The Hospital = yes
Let a friend cry on your shoulder = no im bad at that
:x: Fell asleep in the bath = no
:x: Gone to Church = Yes
:x: Been to camp = camping
:x: Been in a earthquake = no
:x: Been in a tornado = no
:x: Knew you were in love = Yes
:x: Streaked in the streets =no
: Screamed at someone you love = yes
:x: Been attacked = Nope..
:x: Stayed on the phone for over 3 hours = yea ME AND AMY 9 HOURS BABY
:x: What time is it now? 1150pm

Kitty Needs a Home.

So my friend had a cat and I totally didnt want to be involved. She had to get rid of him and she was going to take him to a no kill shelter here somewhere in South Jersey. So she drove him here from North Jersey and she called the shelter but they had no room. So she called me to see if I could watch him for like a week. That was 2 weeks ago. She called last week they had no room. So he is still at my house. He is really a love of a cat. He lets you pick him up hold him like a baby. I was holding him like a baby for about a 1/2 hour last night and he was kneeding my face with his clawless paws. Hes really cute and really friendly and if I had a bigger house and more moola I would keep him but its a bad time for me in that aspect. Im not going to take him to the shelter though Im going to keep him until I find a good home. So if you or anyone you know is looking to get a cat maybe he is right for you. I only want to let him go if I know the next person isnt going to pass him off. He needs a "forever"home. He is 9 months declawed and neutered. He will come with a litter box and a bunch of toys. Sometimes he likes to play out side in the grass. His name is Balez. You can change it he wont mind. Hes a cuddle monkey. I will deliver him if you live with in 2 hours of me.

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Ambien Antics.

Ambien is crazy. Its crazy when you take it in high dose and end up doing things your should never be doing under the influence of Ambien.

Friday June 3rd:
Refill 30 Ambien 8:00pm. Get home from the movies at 1am. Take 2 ambien Liz 2 ambien Laurie 1. Me and Laurie started watching the family guy and she confessed to me that she had been time traveling for the past 5 minutes. She looked as though she was very stiff and when i asked her about her stiffness she proceded to dance around saying LOOK IM NOT STIFF. Ok Laur thanks for proving it. Then I suggest we sing some kareoke and Laurie says she wont do it unless she drinks, so we busted out the captain morgan and each did one or two shots. THEN Liz suggested that we go get cigarettes and even though i quit smoking over a year ago Ambien made me think this was a brilliant Idea. So we piled into the car. Somehow we made it home. I barley remember the ride all I remember thinking was omg these lights are so crazy. Me and Laurie sat in te car while Liz ran in and neither of us remember the conversations we had. Then we got home and me and Laurie started singing Kareoke. Then Liz disappeared up stairs, I went to find her and Laurie continued singing till 5 am. I woke up like WTF happened last night.

Saturday June 11th:
Refill 30 Ambien 10:00pm
After a hard 3 hours of studying I was finally ready to give up and relax. I popped 2 ambien. Ran around the house for a bit watch some TV. Then I decided it would be a good idea to have some booze. With the resources limited me and Liz went through her liquor cabinet First we opened a bottle of champagne that tastes like warm piss. After dancing around the living room for 10 mins with the nasty ass stuff i decided that it wasnt good enough to drink and dumped both glasses down the drain. So rummaging some more we came across a bottle of sambuca EW. We poured 2 shots and gulped them down. 3 secodns later I was throwing up in the sink. Throwing up every cherry that I had eaten while I was studying and every part of my dinner. I vaugly remember it though I do remember Liz scooping my barf into a grogery bag with her bare hands. After that I headed upstairs to brush my teeth. Then i started puking more. After puking i decided i coulndt even stand so i made it to the top of the steps and dropped down flat on my stomach with my head hanging over the top step calling liz. I dont remember much after that but i did get a shower and put my hair in 2 ponytails. Then i dont know what happened.
I love you ambien