Johnny's Gottcha Day!

Johnny just had his first Gottcha Day anniversary.  Yay Johnny! Everyday I wonder who the heck would have given him away.  Im glad they did though.  He is great.  Everyday we learn together.  His progress in the past year has been amazing.  I have also gotten to educate many people on his breed and the negative portrayal they have and show them first hand that they are super-hero dogs.
First day in his new home


Neighborhood Kids

There are countless dogs in my neighborhood.  Yet the kids in the neighboorhood are still attracted to our dog.  Yes he is cute and he is fun but he is not a toy for them.  I have told them countless times please do not pet the dog over the fence, please do not encourage the dog to jump on the fence, please do not call the dog to the fence.  They continue to do it over and over.  He is always supervised while outside.  They taunt him and it really makes me angry. As soon as one of us come in to there sight they walk away,  so they know they are doing something wrong. All he has to do is playfully nip one of them and it will be a disaster.  

He knows he is not allowed on the fence.  A simple HEY gets me the guilty look.  But how can he resist little hands.  It's like putting a slot machine in front of a gambler. 

We put up a beware of dog sign and I think it offended people.  They started calling him to the fence more and I heard one guy say that dog ain't gonna do nuttin to me.  

We live in a decent neighboorhood.  I never thought  this would be one of my worries living here. 

My poor puppy can't even be safe in his own yard.  I will have to get a higher more private fence, an invisible fence or just move. haha.  I wish I could shock the kids when they lean over the fence.  

Just venting here.  Thanks for listening!


No more plushie

Looks like Johnny won't be a plushbullie for much longer.  It looks like he is "blowing" his coat.  It looks like a moth has taken to his fur.  Does this breed do it every year?  or is he just losing his puppy fur?  If so how old were any other puppies when this happened to them?  I am trying to get  better idea of how old he is.  The vet says less then a year.  I just wanted to get a closer estimate. 
Thanks!  All of your babies are adorable!